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The Japanese Knotweed Myths, Untruths & Misconceptions

Japanese Knotweed Myths, Misconceptions and Facts

There is a lot of misleading information (myths) as to how you can control and remove Japanese Knotweed as well as what is the best course of action to take. 

Pouring salt, diesel, caustic soda, turpentine, fairy liquid on the plant or into the ground are some of the common myths which have been shared over the years, of which some are not safe or a way to successfully remove Japanese Knotweed.

There are many Japanese Knotweed Specialists similar to Green Leaf Remediation across the UK who will have the qualifications, extensive experience and licenses needed to safely and effectively control Japanese Knotweed. There are some businesses that claim to be specialists, however, they don’t have the qualifications needed to safely and effectively control the invasive weed. It’s extremely important to do your research and ask a lot of questions before you employ someone. 

You should always use a fully qualified Japanese Knotweed Certificated Surveyor (JKCS) who is registered through the Property Care Association as Green Leaf Remediation is. We are experts in the identification, treatment and control of Japanese Knotweed and this is the core of our business. Our JKCS Surveys are recognised by mortgage lenders and will save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

Unlike some contractors who will alarm you with their Japanese Knotweed Mths and Facts, we are firm believers in telling the public and our customer’s exactly what Japanese Knotweed can & can’t do. 

Japanese Knotweed Myths

“It will grow through solid concrete”

“It can destabilise foundations

“It has the potential to cause structural damage

“Japanese Knotweed can damage buildings especially if left to grow unhindered for a number of years”

“This invasive plant can have such a dramatic effect on structures, foundations & concrete”

Japanese Knotweed Facts

The truth about knotweed is, that if a structure, building or foundations are solid then it is almost impossible for Knotweed to grow through a slab of solid concrete, nor will it ‘destabilise solid foundation’s. In fact, there are very few reported incidents, whereby the plant has had a ‘negative effect’ on any ‘solid structure’.

Knotweed True or False?