Bamboo Excavation Chepstow | Green Leaf Remediation
Another bamboo excavation & removal was completed near Chepstow, which was planted roughly 5 years ago by the unsuspecting homeowner.
Bamboo is nearly always planted along boundaries, primarily for an aesthetic purpose or to aid some privacy. We have always made our stance very clear about the potential pitfalls of bringing this plant onto your property, as it has the capacity to cause serious damage (which is illustrated in the attached video clip).
The footage will show several ‘fractures’ in the concrete slab which have been caused by the rhizome (roots – between 3-5” thick! 😮) on the adjacent property and has spread roughly 2m into the lawn. This has been caused by the rhizome becoming stronger as it continues its growth cycle, in the process gaining more of a solid foothold within the soil.
As always, there are ‘unforeseen’ issues – this time having to work around 2 electric cables buried many years ago beneath the wooden fencing (which we were aware of). There was also a hidden pipe which ran from the house to the top of the garden buried beneath the concrete edging curb (which wasn’t known! 🫢).
In total, the project took 2 days, as due to the strength & thickness of the concrete pathway, a 1.5T excavator wasn’t adequate to weaken & break up the slab. We, therefore, required assistance from a local builder who fragmented the slab with a high-powered rock breaker.
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