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Tree Services Pontarddulais Explained by Green Leaf Remediation & Tree Services

Tree Services is a professional service offered to domestic and commercial clients. Regardless if it’s an overgrown or dying tree in your front or rear garden, you are a commercial business with grounds that need to be kept in check or you are a construction contractor that needs grounds cleared and trees cleared away before any property development can commence whether it’s large or small, South Wales Knotweed & Tree Services Pontarddulais can help.

Our services are completed by qualified and skilled tree surgeons who have substantial knowledge and experience in the industry. They all hold CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) cards and are accredited to either Lantra or City & Guilds NPTC Level 2 in chainsaw use as well as being compliant with all industry standards.

Our work conforms with the latest best practices for Arboricultural works and in accordance with BS3998 (2010). We offer assurance to all our clients that we rigorously comply with all Health & Safety legislation at all times and we have full public liability & professional indemnity insurance, in the extremely unlikely event that it is required.

Green Leaf Remediation & Tree Services

Tree Felling Tree Services Pontarddulais

Tree Felling is the technique of making a tree fall down and it is done in a professional and safe way when using someone who is qualified.

Why would you fell a tree?

  1. The tree is decayed and branches are falling creating a hazard to people and any property near it
  2. The tree is decayed and is producing fungi, such as mushrooms which grow at the base of the tree trunk
  3. The trees branches are decaying and they are at risk of breaking and falling which can result in injury or damage to property or the wildlife around it
  4. The tree has died or is dying and is now dangerous for the habitat, property and people around it
  5. The tree needs to be removed for building and construction and development work to begin
  6. The tree is overshadowing and blocking out the light from a property or garden
  7. The tree is overgrown and is preventing the growth of the trees and plants around it

Trees need air, space, sunshine, water and food to grow efficiently. Felling an older tree will allow smaller, younger trees to grow and flourish. Younger and healthier trees absorb more nitrogen than more mature trees and this helps to cleanse an ecosystem’s air and water and this is the main reason that an older tree is commonly felled. Felling older trees also make room for planting new saplings and plants.

Older trees often get to a point of overcrowding each other and in these scenarios, some really need to be selectively removed. Sometimes older trees grow so big that they hang onto neighbouring properties, over roads or public footpaths and in these circumstances they are usually removed for safety reasons.

When is the most effective time to fell a tree?

If a tree is not unsafe then the best time to fell is in the dormant season (between late winter and early spring). Dormant trees are leafless and lighter, which as a result, makes it simpler for a tree surgeon to cut and handle the branches during the course of the felling process, making it a lot quicker and much safer.

Green Leaf Remediation & Tree Services offer a free full site survey visit to your property or land to evaluate the tree you have concerns with and will guide you if the most effective course of action is for it to be felled or reduced. Our Tree surgeons have extensive knowledge and will only fell a tree when there is a reason for felling.

At Green Leaf Remediation & Tree Services we understand that one of the main reasons for felling a tree is for safety and also cases when trees need to be cut down for aesthetic reasons or because they are blocking light in a property or garden. You may think that the only choice is to fell a tree, however, our expert tree surgeons can inform you if crown trimming or pruning would be the far better option for you.

There are some trees that are legally protected and you are not permitted to fell them and our expert tree surgeons will advise you about this. If you need consent from your local authority to fell a tree on your property then we will advise you on the best way to deal with this and come back to perform the professional services when the agreement has been given.

When we have felled a tree we can cut the wood to the size you require so it can be used or sold for firewood, or we can use our chipper to reduce the wood leftover and remove it off-site if you prefer.

Crown Trimming Services Pontarddulais

Tree crown trimming or crown reduction is when the branch tips are removed to a new growth point further down the branch. This process is used to remove dead, diseased and damaged branches along with reducing the overall size and width or height of a tree.

You should think about removing the lower branches of a tree when it is 2-3 years of ages which will allow enough space under the crown for other shrubs and plants to develop as well as ensuring there is enough headroom for people to walk beneath the tree. This process is called crown lifting and when doing this on older trees it should be restricted to secondary branches or just shortening primary branches to be sure the process does not damage the growth of the tree. More mature trees should be trimmed every 3-5 years compared to a younger tree which will need it every 2-3 years. Fruit trees should be pruned every year to prevent the tree from overgrowing and encouraging the growth of fresh fruit in season.

Tree Services Pontarddulais

Crown Pruning Tree Services Pontarddulais

Crown pruning or reduction is when selected live and dead branches are taken off to control the growth of a tree and decrease its height or its width. The objective of pruning a tree is to remove any unwanted, overgrown or dead branches, improve its structure, and promote new and healthy growth.

A tree surgeon will professionally and expertly prune a tree to promote a certain growth pattern and configuration of branches that are much better suited to the structure of the tree and its surroundings. If you prune a tree without knowledge the tree can grow in unusual shapes and over or under grow in certain areas, so it’s generally better to get an expert to carry this out for you as they will also do it safely.

What is the difference between Crown Trimming and Pruning?

In summary, crown trimming is used on young trees to minimise its overall growth and size as well as give enough space underneath for people to walk under it or for other trees plants and foliage to grow. Crown pruning is undertaken to protect the tree or shrub to ensure perfect growth as well as removing any dead, loose or infected branches so it can flourish successfully.

Stump Grinding & Stump Removal Tree Services Pontarddulais

Stump Grinding is normally the last part of the technique for permanently removing a tree. When trees are felled you are left with a tree stump in the ground. In some cases, this isn’t a problem but in others, the stump may need to be removed for construction to start or it may be a safety or trip hazard. If a stump is left in the ground it can cause issues further down the line and these include; root diseases and fungi, for instance, honey fungus. You should also be aware that new shoots can grow from the stump if it is still alive after being felled.

Smaller stumps can sometimes be ground and taken out by hand if you have the experience but many stumps will often need specialist equipment, often a stump grinder machine to aid removal.

Dangerous or Damaged Tree Services Pontarddulais

Trees often become dangerous after we have had severe weather; a storm or flood, or after extreme force form a vehicle driving into it as the tree’s roots will have been pushed or branches will be broken which could fall unexpectedly. A tree can also become dangerous if it has ongoing decay or disease, or some grow in such a way that it makes the entire tree structurally unsound.

Green Leaf Remediation & Tree Professional service Tree Surgeons will come out to evaluate a tree and will efficiently establish the procedure that needs to be followed to guarantee it is safe for passers-by, vehicles and any property around it. They may decide that the tree needs to be felled entirely or they may recommend that the tree is pruned to remove any dead, dangerous or broken branches that could fall at any time.

Emergency Call Out Tree Services Pontarddulais

We offer an Emergency Professional service where we will come out to your property or land and quickly to determine what needs to be done, and we will implement the work needed to ensure that you, passers-by, vehicles or property are not in any danger of being harmed or damaged by a dangerous or damaged tree.

Hedge Trimming Services Pontarddulais

Hedge trimming or a hedge cutting service is when tall hedges or overgrown shrubs are trimmed. New hedges need formative pruning to keep them healthy and stimulate their growth for their first couple of years after they are planted and this is ordinarily carried out in winter or early spring. After a couple of years, maintenance trimming is carried out annually. These processes stimulate the growth of new branches which helps make them fuller and healthier and also and reduces the probability of pest infestations.

Hedge Shaping Services Pontarddulais

Hedge shaping professional services can be incorporated into both of the above but is normally accomplished when the hedge is in full season. It gives a shape to your hedge making it look aesthetically pleasing and neat.

What are the benefits of Hedge Trimming & Shaping?

  1. Encourages thicker and fuller growth
  2. Enhances the overall look of your garden
  3. Greatly improves the health of your hedge
  4. Hinders the spread of disease and insects
  5. Promotes longer stems & flowering
  6. Helps prevent the hedge from overgrowing and preventing other plants, flowers and foliage from growing around it

Garden, Ground, Site Clearance & Weed Control Service Pontarddulais

If your garden or commercial property is looking untidy and overgrown we offer a garden and site cleaning service which takes away the need for you to do it yourself. Sometimes these tasks are daunting and at South Wales Knotweed we have the experience and equipment to very quickly and efficiently clear any garden or landscape space so you can start to landscape the area or building and construction or development work can start.

Regardless if you have a business premise with a garden or land then always keeping it tidy and up together ensures your business seems professional and inviting to all of your customers and suppliers and we can help with this.

We carry out private work for householders and also offer our expert services for large scale construction contracts for property developers.
We will quickly come in and clear the area, garden or site and remove all waste before we leave giving you a blank canvass to start with.

Invasive Plant Tree Services Pontarddulais

As well as Japanese Knotweed, Marestail, Hogweed, Nettles, Brambles, Buddleia, Ragwort, Himalayan Balsam, Dock, Bracken, Hedge Parsley, Cow Parsley and Gorse, amongst others have colonised many gardens, public footpaths, recreational areas and brownfield sites. They are all plants which will rapidly spread and take over an area and we have the experience to ensure we remove and control them for you.

We are fully equipped to treat invasive plant species or plants and are often recommended by estate agents and mortgage brokers for our site clearance services.

Our Tree Services Pontarddulais Include:

  • Tree felling
  • Crown Trimming
  • Crown Pruning
  • Stump Grinding & Removal
  • Dangerous or Damaged Tree Services
  • Emergency Call Out Services
  • General Garden Maintenance
  • Reducing Branches and Foliage
  • Thinning Branches and Foliage
  • Hedge Trimming
  • Hedge Shaping
  • Sectional Dismantling
  • Garden, Ground, Site Clearance
  • Weed Control
  • Invasive Plant Services

Since 2015 we have been offering a full tree and garden service. If you have a large or overgrown tree or plant in your garden or your business property, or an area of land that needs to be cleared then we can help.

We offer a free, no-obligation site assessment and one of our expert and qualified tree surgeons will advise you if a tree or plant can be cut back safely, or if it should be totally removed adhering to all of the UK Tree Felling legislation.

The health, wellbeing & safety of our customers and staff is at the heart of our business and we have a strong commitment to safe working practices which are constantly evolving using our expertise as well as the industries.

We are a fully qualified Japanese Knotweed Certificated Surveyor (JKCS) and we specialise in controlling Japanese Knotweed, other invasive plants and ‘general nuisance weeds’ which are found in the UK for residential and property development sites and have all the required qualifications and accreditations as well as offering an extensive tree and garden professional service.

We adhere to all Health & Safety legislation at all times and have full public liability & professional indemnity insurance in place, in the unlikely event that the unforeseen happens.

Our experienced NPTC or LANTRA qualified chainsaw operators & tree surgeons who have in excess of 40 years combined within the forestry industry.

Our Qualifications Include:

  • City & Guilds NPTC Level 2
  • Principles of Safe Handling & Application of Pesticides (PA1/PA6).
  • Principles of Safe Handling & Application of Pesticides near water (PA6AW).
  • Herbicide Stem Injection.
  • Property Care Association.
  • The Control & Eradication of Japanese Knotweed Surveyor’s Training Course.
  • Qualified Technician (PCAQT) in Japanese Knotweed.
  • Accredited Surveyor in Japanese Knotweed.
  • NPTC or LANTRA qualified chainsaw operators & tree surgeons

For our professional services relating to Japanese Knotweed, Garden & Tree Services and other Invasive Weeds, we cover South Wales (including Pontarddulais, Swansea, Cardiff and Newport), West Wales up to North Ceredigion & Powys and throughout South Glamorgan, Gwent & Tenby, Bristol, the West Country, and as far north as Shropshire and into the Midlands & Birmingham areas.

If you are looking for professional, reputable and reliable Garden or Tree Services Pontarddulais, contact us today on 01269 591651 and we can answer any questions you may have or arrange your free site survey.