Excavation of ‘Golden’ Bamboo in Bristol | Green Leaf Remediation
Conducted a survey on this property shortly before Christmas. Having been planted around 4-5 years ago along the boundary, the extent of the issue had been partly concealed, due to some rhizome ‘running’ between the actual wooden fence and the actual stone boundary/retaining wall.
The neighbours noted slight fragmentation on the retaining wall rendering several years ago and realising the bamboo from the adjacent property was gaining momentum (very rapidly 😮), tried to remediate it by covering it with several layers of plastic sheeting & earth/stone, which naturally had no effect whatsoever.
Fast forward 4/5 years – the rhizome had grown robustly and had exploited several fractures within the retaining wall, whilst also settling within/beneath the stone ‘slab’ used to secure the wooden fence posts.
Whilst bamboo can be aesthetically pleasing and helps with privacy etc, prior to planting several important factors need to be considered and addressed beforehand to avoid a situation like so occurring. Fortunately, on this occasion the issue was resolved amicably between the client & owner of the neighbouring, however, this is not always the case.
You are welcome to give us a call should you have any issues with Japanese Knotweed, Buddleia or Bamboo in Bristol or the surrounding areas.
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