Bamboo Excavation Monmouth | Green Leaf Remediation
Brief backstory – Golden bamboo was originally planted directly along the boundary (seen in the 1st section of footage) around 4-5 years ago by the previous owner. The adjacent property owner has realised that section of the patio had suddenly become undulating & upon investigation, realised that a ‘thick’ rhizome is running directly beneath the patio.
Unfortunately, there are no restrictions in purchasing or planting bamboo on a property as bamboo is considered a grass’. There is no requirement to declare any presence of bamboo on the property information form if a property is being sold (unlike the presence of Japanese Knotweed).
Last Autumn the adjacent property to that of our client was sold. The unsuspecting ‘new owners’ had no idea of the bamboo issue and have naturally inherited the problem.
You’ll note from the footage how robust the bamboo rhizome is and the damage it has caused. In simple terms, our client, who did not plant the bamboo needs a new patio at a cost of several thousand pounds (due to the previous owner of the neighbouring property).
Our advice made simple – nothing wrong in planting bamboo on your property, yet at the very least be certain of the species (‘runner’ / ‘clumper’) and careful where it is planted exactly. It will grow!
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